How to Perform Anal Fisting
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This is one of the most intense and the most complicated things to perform in anal sex in a way that both of the parties really enjoy it. This is something where you can learn a lot from gay people, as a big deal of their fucking is about their ass and they know so many things about it and how to work it well. There are some tips and tricks that you can use and here they are because you really need to make sure that you are safe during the entire process and that both you and the partner know what you’re doing when performing anal fisting.

Safety First

This is as intimate as it can get, so please be sure that you are performing it with a right partner and that both of you are certain about what is about to happen. Besides that, you will need a lot of lubricant and some protective gloves. However, make sure that the gloves are resistant to the chemicals as some of them are dissolved in particular types of lubricant. Nitrite are the best as some people might be allergic to latex. Also, the one who is doing the thing has to have the nails trimmed and all the jewelry removed.

Clean Up

This goes for the both participants. You have to wash the hands thoroughly. The other person should definitely perform the enema, at least twice before the ass fisting. Every fucking in the ass needs this sort of hygiene preparation, and this is not an exception.

Lube, Lube and more Lube

This cannot be stressed enough. Anus is extremely sensitive and the skin there is very easily torn and broken. Therefore, don’t go saving that lubricant as the more you use, the easier the whole thing will be. Without it, it can be painful, bloody and even more prone to causing some infections. Therefore, be generous about lubricants. Make sure it doesn’t hurt the gloves you are wearing.


Asshole is hard to relax. It is sensitive and every little touch counts. So, something as intense as anal fisting is not easy if you keep it tight and firm. In order to manage this, you have to relax physically and mentally. The first reaction when all this occurs is to clench the rectum, but you need to resist that urge and let the fingers in. This can be achieved if your mind is on that ‘happy place’ and your body isn’t in a defense mode.

The Process

The receiver should be in the most comfortable position possible. For some that is on the back, while for others that is on the stomach. The person performing this needs to prepare the ass and slowly massage the opening with one finger. Stimulating the cock or pussy at the same time is cool because aroused people are more likely to let the fingers in easily. Circling with fingers, they should be slipped inside one by one gradually. Listen to the reactions of the receiver. After all the fingers are inside, proceed with gentle pushes and pulls. When the knuckles are inside, the rest is easy.

Finishing Up

Taking the hand out is just as sensitive as putting it in. This should be done slowly and with great care. Once again, the knuckles are the biggest issue here, because they are not flexible at all. However, the easier part is the fact that the guy or girl getting it in their butt are already aroused and relaxed, so this should not be that hard.

After Care

This is extremely important. There may be some damage of the skin or some anal pain, like with hard anal. They should be treated with ice packs, creams and impeccable hygiene. Immediate showering is a must and soothing effect can be achieved with warm baths in a sitting tub.

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I love to Watch Hairy Pussy Videos
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Fucking Videos: When You Hit the Rock Bottom of Poverty and Drugs, the Sex is Only Way to Go Up
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At that moment, I was living in the streets. I’ve lost my parents, I didn’t want to live in foster homes so I escaped and lived in the streets. I was there until I was 18. I lived the whole dangerous life of a hobo and didn’t really have any chances for finding a real job or getting organized. Who would hire a girl that lives on the street?

One time, there was this TV crew that came to me, asking me to be the part of their documentary about the life on the street. They offered money, so I couldn’t refuse. The director, Mark, was really kind to me. Nobody was that kind to me since I lost my parents. One thing led to another and we started talking about love as a part of my life. He asked about love while I answered about sex. Sex were easy on the streets, but love was very hard to find. Mark wasn’t judgmental.

So, there I was, spilling my guts to a total stranger who was about to make a movie out of it and earn money. Somehow, I didn’t mind it. I promised Mark to take him to the place where I take men to have sex, but I said that I won’t allow the camera there. He agreed. We came there and I was shy. Suddenly, it looked so horrible to me. But Mark came to me, raised my chin with his finger and said that there is nothing to be ashamed of. He kissed me lightly on the lips. I accepted the kiss and it grew to be more and more passionate. In a second, we started taking each other’s clothes off, like at the fucking videos.

We were lying on my spot, covered with rags, hidden by some old curtains and I was kissing and sucking his dick like I was paid to do it. However, he didn’t want that from me. He wanted real, pure sex. He wanted to fuck me like a woman and not like a whore. He was on his back and I knelt over his dick and allowed it to slide inside me. I was riding it, and for the first time, I wasn’t thinking about anything else.

I was concentrated on his warm flesh inside me and it was thrilling. We were fucking so well! He kept my hips firmly and pulled me down each time I got up from his dick. In a way, it felt like he was stabbing me with his big cock. I loved it. There I was, thinking about poverty, drugs, sex, porn videos and the possibility of love. Yes, love. The idea itself made all those feelings build inside me and form an energy bolt that exploded like the best orgasm I ever had.

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